1. What is a digital name card?

Digital name cards are used by both individuals and businesses to quickly and easily exchange contact information.

They are more engaging, cost-effective, and eco-friendly than traditional physical business cards.

We call our Digital name cards as vKads (pronounced as v-cards). Digital name cards are also known as virtual name cards, electronic name cards, or NFC business cards.

2. How do I share my vKads?

There are multiple ways to share our vKads (digital name card). The quickest way to share your vKad is with your QR code. Simply show your QR code to your customer/friend and let him/her scan your QR code (with a normal QR code scanner). Your contact information will automatically appear in his/her mobile phone contact book.

You can also share your contact information by letting your friend/customer tap your NFC name card. (See How to create your own NFC name card)

You can also share your vKads to someone via a text (SMS) message, email or social media.

3. Are NFC name cards safe?

Yes, NFC name cards are safe. Your friends/customers can only see your contact information and will not be able to edit your information. In addition, most phones today are equipped with NFC readers, and do not require any additional app to be installed to read NFC cards.

4. What is an NFC name card?

Near Field Communication (NFC) name cards are another way to contactlessly exchange your contact information. Your contact information will be made available to your friend/customer once they app your NFC name cards on their mobile phone (both iOS and android phones are supported).

5. What are the benefits of a digital name card?

Digital name cards have many benefits.

The main benefit of a digital business card is that it can be shared in both virtual and in-person settings. It is eco-friendly, smarter and more efficient way to share your contact information.

6. How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a trial account for free via the following link https://vkad.app/register

Sign up now and experience the fun of a digital name card.

7. What languages is vKad available in?

vKad is currently available in English, Chinese and Malay. More languages are coming. Look out for it.

8. Is my data well-protected?

We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and guarantee that we will never sell your data to any 3rd party or unauthorized personnel. Your data is hosted on Tier 1 data-center servers that are protected firewalls and VPNs.